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The global landscape of environmental compliance and extended producer responsibility regulations are rapidly developing, expanding and changing, which can make it difficult and time consuming to maintain awareness of what your business must do to comply in each market. Lorax EPI offers several solutions through our knowledge subscription services, which each offering different digestions of information with different delivery periods. Topics covered in our subscription services include legislation for plastics, packaging, batteries, textiles and electronics, and EPR scheme setups, rules and fees.

Examples of Lorax EPI’s Knowledge Subscription Services

  • Environmental Packaging Guidebook: This in-depth reference guide covers global packaging design regulations, material restrictions, mandatory package labelling and packaging standards such as minimum post-consumer recycled content and empty space ratios. Our Guidebook is delivered twice a year.
  • Packaging Regulatory Matrix: Delivered as an Excel workbook, our Matrix gives a high-level overview of environmental legislation affecting packaging, including extended producer responsibility laws in each country, packaging design requirements, material bans and restrictions and environmental labelling. The Matrix is delivered twice a year.
  • Webinars: We hold one-hour webinar briefings accompanied by PowerPoint slides on the latest global developments in environmental packaging, including information on legislation and regulations, standards and industry groups. Our webinars are delivered twice a year.
  • Emerging Trends Monthly Update: Our newest subscription service, the Monthly Updates provide summaries of relevant emerging legislation, trends, EPR, bans and general industry news and is organized by trends and topics in a factsheet format. This product can be tailored to your markets and packaging portfolio and is delivered on a monthly basis.

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