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How far will it go in the US: An update on Extended Producer Responsibility across the United States
by Justin Given at 15:09 in Emerging, Environmental, Packaging under Environmental

​Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging has seen rapid growth in the United States over the last 2 years. Four states have already passed EPR legislation, with seventeen more states having proposed EPR bills during their 2022 legislative sessions. The perspective of EPR in the United States is centred on the financials of waste management, t...

How far will it go in the US: An update on Extended Producer Responsibility across the United States

Colorado's EPR Law
by Jennifer Brook at 10:31 in Environmental, Packaging under Environmental

Colorado's EPR Law

​This year has been groundbreaking for extended producer responsibility (EPR) legislation in the United States. On June 3rd this year, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed House Bill 22-1355 into law, joining California, Oregon and Maine as the first four US states to pass this form of legislation.Colorado's EPR law affects producers of packaging and cert...

Post-consumer recycled content requirements in the USA: Deadlines approaching
by Rachel Langhill at 15:34 in Emerging, Packaging under Environmental

​In the United States, post-consumer recycled content (PCR) requirements for packaging are starting to be established by several state governments. These laws largely apply to plastics, but most packaging extended producer responsibility (EPR) bills introduced this legislative session either include PCR requirements by material type, for all materials, or...

Post-consumer recycled content requirements in the USA: Deadlines approaching

How to comply with packaging EPR in the USA
by Rachel Langhill at 17:43 in Content, Emerging, Packaging under Environmental

How to comply with packaging EPR in the USA

This article was updated on 11th August.On 12th July, Maine's governor signed a bill to establish a statewide packaging EPR program into law. Weeks later, on 6th August, a bill for packaging, printed paper and food service ware EPR passed into law in Oregon. This means that the first packaging extended producer responsibility schemes will soon come into f...

EPR in North America - where is it going?
by Rachel Langhill at 18:43 in Content, Emerging, Packaging under Environmental

This article was updated on 26th August 2021.This blog is part of a wider series from Lorax EPI, taking a deep-dive into the current and future landscapes for packaging extended producer responsibility (EPR) regulations on a global scale.When it comes to packaging EPR in North America, legislation tends to be regionally focused rather than nationally capt...

EPR in North America - where is it going?

Washington bill for recycled content and plastic bans passes into law
by Rachel Langhill at 20:00 in Content, Environmental, Packaging under Environmental

Washington bill for recycled content and plastic bans passes into law

​On 17 May 2021, the Governor of Washington State signed a bill into law which bans several expanded polystyrene items, mandates post-consumer recycled content in certain packaging and requires some producer reporting.By 1 April 2022 and annually thereafter, producers of plastic trash bags, plastic beverage containers and household cleaning and personal c...


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