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UK Environment Bill reintroduced to Parliament

UK Environment Bill reintroduced to Parliament
by Annis Mapleston at 15:57 in Circular Economy, Emerging, Environmental

​The UK Government is trying again to get its Environment Bill passed into UK law.
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The Bill introduces a wide range of measures, including the establishment of a new Office for Environmental Protection, changes to the current system of producer responsibility and the ability to impose charges for single use plastic items (e.g. disposable cups) in addition to the current plastic bag fee.

The Office for Environmental Protection will have enforcement powers in relation to failures by public authorities to comply with environmental law, and will play a role in monitoring and reporting on the implementation of environmental legislation.

The revised producer responsibility requirements will mean that producers have to pay the full net cost of managing their products at end of life, and will be applied at all levels of the waste hierarchy (including extension to new areas such as food waste).

There are a huge number of other areas covered in the Environment Bill, such as air quality, sewerage management plans and biodiversity gain conditions in planning permissions - but we will leave it to others to discuss those elements, and will continue to focus on what we know best!

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