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Compliance Update - French packaging scheme, Citeo, makes changes for the 2020 report

Compliance Update - French packaging scheme, Citeo, makes changes for the 2020 report
by Ellen Thornton at 08:53 in Packaging, Emerging

The French household packaging compliance scheme, Citeo, has announced updates to reporting for 2019 data which will be submitted in 2020. There are changes to the bonus and penalty system and a simplified return for the consumer sales unit statement which has been phased in over the past couple of years.

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For 2019 data, the tariffs for the sectoral declaration have increased by 7% due to the average increase in expenses forecast​​​. The sectoral declaration is made by product family. There are two types: the general statement for all types of products and the specific declaration for wines and spirits.

The bonus for incorporating at least 50% recycled polyethylene (PE) into packaging will increase from 10% to 50% of the contribution to the weight of the plastic material. The material may be made from recycled household, industrial or commercial packaging.

Regarding the penalty for mineral oils which, in 2017, the government imposed a penalty of 10% of the contribution to weight for the paper / cardboard material if it included inks made with mineral oils. In view of the action plan in agreement with the public authorities, the application of this criterion is postponed until 2020 and hence won't be applied in the 2018 or 2019 declaration. Mineral oils are used in the formulation and / or manufacture of certain inks and glues or used for the printing and shaping of packaging. Only offset printing inks may contain mineral oils. To find out if your packaging is concerned, find out about the type of ink used and the printing technique from the packaging manufacturer.

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