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Non-packaging product compliance in Slovakia - are you aware of your obligations?

Non-packaging product compliance in Slovakia - are you aware of your obligations?
by Ellen Thornton at 11:13 in Environmental

An extended producer responsibility obligation for non-packaging products exists in Slovakia in addition to the obligation for EEE, batteries and accumulators, packaging, vehicles and pneumatic tyres.


Non- packaging products belong to one of the following groups of products which will become a part of municipal waste:

    • Articles of plastics consisting of polyethylene terephthalate, except raw materials, preforms and fibres intended for industrial use, and articles of plastics consisting of polyethylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride or polyamide except raw materials, fibres and products intended for industrial use;
    • Paper and paperboard, imported articles of paper and paperboard, including printing products, except:
      • Hygienic and sanitary paper,
      • Articles of paper used for hygiene and sanitary purposes,
      • Cigarette paper,
      • Carbon copy paper,
      • Filter paper,
      • Paper and paperboard for the production of tarred or asphalt paper,
      • Fiscal stamps
    • Glass, including sheet window glass;
    • Multilayer combined paperboard-based materials.

A list of customs codes is available in the legislation in order to cross match your products and check for any potential obligations you may have.

A producer of non-packaging products is defined as a person who, in the context of his or her commercial activity, irrespective of the selling technique used, including sales on the basis of distance contracts, places on the market non-packaging products. Placing on the market in this case means cross-border transport from another Member State to the Slovak Republic or import from a country other than Member state to the stage of distribution, consumption or use on the market in the Slovak Republic in context of commercial activity.

Producers of non-packaging products are obligated to ensure the collection, transport, recovery, recycling and disposal of waste from non-packaging products that they have placed on the market. Producers may only carry out these obligations collectively, by joining the responsible producing organisation in charge of the collective packaging waste management system.

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