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UK: Packaging compliance update
by Ellen Thornton at 08:54 in Packaging

In the UK producers are obligated if their annual turnover exceeds £2 million and they handle more than 50 tonnes of packaging and/or packaging materials. In the UK, there are over 30 compliance schemes for packaging. A list of schemes is available here.


​Submission date: 28th February

How does the UK system work?

The UK works on a shared producer responsibility system where a different percentage of the responsibility is assigned​ to the different activities: Raw material manufacturer (6%), Convertor (9%), Packer/filler (37%), Seller (48%), Importer (rolled up obligation).

The UK packaging waste system is financed by packaging recycling levies. The levies will change based on demand for the materials and how much is being recycled. The levies are charged to cover the cost of collecting and reprocessing a company's share of packaging. This is done through a packaging waste recovery note or PRN, which is evidence of recycling. A PRN can only be generated by an accredited reprocessor when packaging waste has been recycled. Companies need to purchase the correct number of PRNs in order to offset their recycling obligation.

Packaging materials covered

Paper, glass, aluminium, steel, plastic, wood and other.

How much does it cost?

Packaging Recovery Notes (PRN) fees are calculated in pounds per tonne. PRNs are sold on an open market, so the price is variable depending on the supply and demand for each material category. Compliance schemes can often offer cheaper prices as they will buy PRNS in bulk. Producers will need to pay an annual registration fee to the Environment Agency and will also have to pay compliance scheme costs if they choose to join a compliance scheme.

If you need any help with UK packaging submissions, please contact us here​.

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