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Compliance Update: Changes to Batteries reporting in Spain

Compliance Update: Changes to Batteries reporting in Spain
by Michelle Carvell at 16:30 in Battery, Environmental

The Spanish Battery and Accumulators Register is to be adapted in line with changes to the new Royal Decree. The changes, which will affect battery submissions in Spain, are in effect for the next declaration period. This will cover products sold during 1Q 2017, which will need to be submitted by April​​ 20th 2017. The information below gives guidance on how one of the Spanish schemes, Ecopilas, will implement the changes.

The changes will have the largest impact on Automotive and Industrial battery producers.

New products and classification

In 2017 new material categories and terminology have been introduced.

The changes are found in the chemistry category weight categorisation and also the introduction of the term "replacement" batteries. This has resulted in an increase in product codes.

Portable button cells now have a separate weight category < 2g and there is a clarification in the Category 4 and Lead Acid Portable Accumulator weights.

In the Automotive and Industrial categories the terms New and Replacement are now introduced. The difference between the two, is whether the battery is sold to replace another or sold for a new use.

In cases where batteries were sold to replace an old battery, this would be considered Replacement and conversely, if it is for new use would be New. There are also some Category clarifications with specific Lithium-Ion categories being introduced in both the Automotive and Industrial groups.​

Battery origin

The origin of batteries and accumulators now also needs to be declared, the source options are:

  • Manufactured and marketed by the same company
  • Manufactured by another company in Spain (the distributor assumes the producer´s oblig​​ations)
  • Imported from a third country (non EU)
  • Exported
  • EU acquisition
You will also need to submit a declaration of truthfulness with each declaration.

If you have any questions about the changes or battery reporting in general please contact us here.

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